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Here are some programs and tools that could help you in your daily work. It ranges from a simple command line tool to a full-featured desktop application.

Command Line Tools

Desktop Applications

  • Raycast - the powerful version of macOS Spotlight
  • Sharefull - macOS Share Menu extension
  • Magnet - macOS Window manager
  • Maccy - Clipboard manager for macOS
  • Roy Color Picker - a simple, powerful, and beautiful macOS color picker
  • Spline - Easily create and publish 3D web experiences
  • Postman - a powerful REST client
  • CleanMyMac X - a powerful macOS system cleanup tool
  • Figma - a powerful design tool
  • Pitch - the presentation tool for designers
  • PopSQL - a nicer way to write and run SQL queries

VSCode Plugins

Figma Plugins

I recommend to explore the community files of other creators. They often have a lot of useful components like a Social Media Kit.

  • Stark - The suite of integrated accessibility tools for your product design and development team
  • Figmotion - Figmotion is an animation tool built right in Figma
  • Unsplash - Unsplash is a free, hi-res, high-quality photos for your design projects
  • Border - Border is a Figma plugin that lets you add borders to your layers
  • Font Scale - is a quick tool to generate a harmonious and consistent typography hierarchy.
  • SkewDat - Live skew any shape and fine-tune with simple non-destrucive controls.
  • Smart Data - Smart data inserts data from a JSON file or random data according to the layer name
  • Arc - Curve to your text upward, downward or into a circle with ease
  • SmoothShadow - Make a smooth shadow with easing curves.
  • Mesh Gradient - Mesh Gradient generates a gradient image with an underlying 2d mesh, and lets you edit the vertices & edges of the mesh to get the perfect gradient look.