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When your are on this website then you should already know the basics of Git and GitHub/Gitlab. But only for the sake of completeness, here is the dry definition of Git:
Git is a version control system that is used to manage changes to files. It is a distributed version control system that tracks changes to files, such as the addition of a new file or the deletion of an existing file. Git is designed to manage changes to files in a distributed manner.

Right off the bat, Git can get complicated very fast, but it is still one of the most important tools in the development world and every developer has to learn it.

As a developer myself, I recommend to learn Git via using the Command Line Interface (CLI). Not only because other commands like starting a server or installing packages are executed in the CLI, but also because it's way faster once you are familiar with the CLI.
As a designer, I recommend to learn Git via using the GUI. The GUI is more user friendly and easier to use for non-developers. There are a few GUI options out there, see Git GUIs.

Useful Resources

Since hopefully everybody knows git add and git commit, I will not go into detail about them.

and for quick access:

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